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Right to Manage

Our expert advice and experience

We have considerable experience and an expert understanding of Right to Manage property. Right to Manage provides leaseholders with an opportunity to take general control for the overall running and functions of their development from day-to-day repairs and maintenance to long term budget forecasts and major works.

Right to Manage should not be confused with self-management as many Right to Manage Companies instruct the expertise of a Managing Agent to oversee and advise on every aspect of the management of their estate.

We can assist and advise leaseholders throughout all stages of setting up a Right to Manage Company and will do so at no charge save for the payment of any normal and reasonable disbursements.

What We Do

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Our range of staff management services include preparing and issuing job descriptions for estate employees and supervising employees and regular contractors such as cleaners, concierges and gardeners on behalf of the employer. We’re also able to prepare specifications for contractors and prepare for, and administer, competitive tenders.

We also offer comprehensive assistance with legal matters. We represent landlords at Country Court including arbitration, mediation and Leasehold Valuation Tribunals. We can assist with maintaining accurate records, and can help to ensure risk management and health & safety compliance. We’re also able to advise residents on setting up a Right to Manage company.

We’re proud to offer a full range of property management services. We’ll deal with day-to-day management issues, as well as the management of repairs and maintenance issues. Whatever your requirements, we’ll make matters easier. We can deal with legal matters, management of staff, as well as assisting with issues of financial control and lease compliance. We’re also able to assist with residents’ guides.

Our Services

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We’re well-placed to assist with a wide range of day-to-day matters including dealing with routine enquiries from lessees and residents and carrying out regular and detailed inspections of the estate. An inspection report, including photographs where appropriate, can be produced and provided to the Directors, as required. We’re also able to respond to solicitors’ and lessees’ enquiries on assignments, licences and consents. We can attending General Directors’ and Residents’ meetings at an agreed frequency (usually 2 or 3 each year). We can also deal with insurance claims on your behalf.

We are also able to offer repairs and maintenance management services where required including preparation of cyclical maintenance and repair plans and dealing with day-to-day repairs and maintenance promptly and efficiently in accordance with the level of service promise in our management agreement. We can prepare maintenance plans and contracts for plant and equipment, if necessary, using approved specialist contractors to carry out maintenance under annual contract. We can also advise on major contract work and the use of specialist contractors and professionals.

We’re also able to assist if you need help with lease compliance. We can ensure all leaseholders comply with the terms of leases and where necessary, subject to obtaining the authority of the landlord, instructing solicitors to deal with any breaches.

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